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Innovate Series

Elegance, Redefined

Minimalist perfection

Minimalist perfection.

The mounting arm elegantly reaches over the tank and supports the airy Ethereal lighting fixture. With multiple mounting points on both the arm and the Ethereal lighting fixture itself, you can easily position the light over your aquarium for optimal coverage.

The attractive yet functional aluminum body acts as a heat sink to absorb and dissipate heat away from the LED. The unique curvature on the top plate design not only is functional but also blends nicely into the surrounding furniture, making an aquarium accessory part of your home decor.

Active Cooling

The powerful yet quiet blower fan keeps the fixture in optimal working temperature. The fan is temperature controlled so it only turns on when the light is too warm. This prevents excessive wear and tear on the fan in harsh saltwater environment and also minimizes dust build up if the fan is running continuously.

The fan also has a built in RGB mood light which can be set to match the surrounding decor, your favorite color or have it cycle through the whole RGB scale to impress your guest. Or simply set it to blue and have yourself a gentle moon light for your aquarium.

Integrated Controller ICV6

This simple yet powerful controller allows you to connect and control a full array of Ethereal lighting system as well as future Maxspect products. One controller is all you need to stay connected with all your Maxspect products. You will never find redundant controllers cluttering up your tank ever again, allowing for a clean install.

ICV6 App

Fully customize the ethereal LED lighting system with the easy to use ICV6 app. The app comes with 4 preset programs to choose from or create your own with the intuitive programming. 4 different custom profiles can be saved and swapped to suit your needs. Make adjustments on the fly and watch as Ethereal transform your commands into a light show.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Ethereal can be wirelessly controlled from your Android or IOS Device through an optional ICV6 Integrated Controller, sold separately. Program the the Ethereal from the comfort of your sofa and watch as your tank comes alive in front of you.

Introducing world's first aquarium RGB Mood Light

The Ethereal's RGB Mood Light allows you to fine tune the color of your fixture to go with your mood, or just to match with a particular piece of furniture in your living room, on top of that, the RGB Mood Light also double up as a Moon Light.

The reflector on the Ethereal utilizes a nano-blend technology which ensures superior coverage and minimizes color delamination, resulting overall better color blending. "Disco Effect" is a thing of the past.

Close - up image of the nano crystal struture reflective surface.

Traditional LED fixtures uses individual fixed angle lens to direct the light output into the aquarium. This creates a focused beam of light which create harsh shadows and visible "Disco Effect" where the led colors are not blended and individual spectrum can be easily seen especially with agitated water surface.

The nano-blend technology Ethereal utilizes in the lens cup is comprised thousands upon thousands of nano sized reflective surfaces which thoroughly blend 5 different color LED chips and effectively reflect the light into the tank. Given the lack of lens on the Ethereal, it is able to effectively focus spread the light over a large surface without excessive light bleeding or glare.

Par Measurement

LED Specifications

Channel LED Specifications
Channel A Cool White Channel
Group 1 – 6500K Cool White,
Group 2 – 460nm Blue
Channel B White Channel
Group 1 – 4500K Neutral White,
Group 2 – 2700K Warm White
Channel C Blue Channel
Group 1 – 465nm Cool Blue,
Group 2 – 485nm Ultramarine Blue
Channel D Royal Blue Channel
Group 1 – 445nm Royal Blue,
Group 2 – 460nm Blue
Channel E Super Actinic Channel
Group 1 – 405nm UV,
Group 2 – 425nm Super Actinic



LED Module

Dimensions(L × W × H) 300mm × 240mm × 25mm
(12” × 9.5” × 0.9”)
Weight 2kg (4.4lb)

Power Supply Unit

Model GM152-3000500-F
Input Voltage / Current 4.5A/115VAC - 2.5A/230VAC
Output Voltage / Current DC 36~30V/5A
Weight 1kg (2.2lb)