Nano-Tech Clear Cube

Nano-Tech Bio-Media

Long lasting effect

Longer lasting crystal clear water

Breaks down dissolved organic matter (DOM), removing the yellow color in an aquarium.

Helps combat cyanobacteria and other nuisance bacteria/Fungal in your aquarium.

8 pcs For freshwater and marine aquariums.
Treats up to 400L / 100 Gal

What is Nano-Tech Clear Cube?

Nano-Tech Clear Cube is a tourmaline based cube that has some unique water clarification capabilities, by dissolving and dissociation of water, breaking down DOM (dissolved organic matter) and keeping your aquarium water clearer for a very long period of time.

Clear Cube is not an absorbent

Clear Cube is not an absorbent such as granular activated carbon or GAC, it clarify water by breaking down dissolved organic matter or DOM, removing yellowish tint in the water column.

Since Clear Cube is not an absorbent - which tends to saturate in a few days or a week - Clear Cube on the other hand has a very long lasting effect, keeping your aquarium water crystal clear for longer.

Product Information

Increases the ability to dissolve water.

Tourmaline atmospheric oxygen increased as the electric charges generated by the tourmaline lead to the overall reaction:

6(H2O) + O2 + DOM → 8(H+) + 4(OH-) + 4(O2-) + DOM → 4(H2O) + 4(OH-) + DOM

The first arrow indicates the natural dissociation of the water, the second is a consequence of excess electric charges generated by the tourmaline for the DOM binds to the OH- ions constantly shifting the balance towards right.

The simple dissociation of water.

The electric charges generated by the tourmaline would have the overall reaction:

3(H2O) + DOM → 2(H2O) + (H+) + (OH-) + DOM → (H3O+) + DOM + (H3O2-) → (H3O+ + DOM) + (H3O2- +DOM)

natural dissociation of water, the second is a consequence of excess electric charges generated by the tourmaline that push towards right the ions H3O+ and H3O2- that bind DOM, constantly shifting equilibrium.

Direct electrostatic effect.

DOM has a surface that is covered also by electrostatic forces (depending on the nature of the DOM). It is likely that the forces generated by electric charges of the tourmaline exceed the electrostatic forces that hold together the particles of DOM, thus the DOM can no longer hold integrity and breaks down.

Very low energy activities.

The weak energy emitted from tourmaline (4+14 μm) can break down water - water on average is composed of clusters of 36 +38 water molecules, the water passed through tourmaline a 3 +6 water molecules. This allows gas or heavy metals included in the cluster to be released, making water substantially free from impurities.

Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

The content in tourmaline has, together with the ionization of water, an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.