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Pastel Reef Magnifier

Coral Tools

Natural looking corals without any post-production

  • Designed specifically for hobbyists
  • Supplements soft tone light for viewing and taking photos of your corals

Available in 2 colors

Snap-on filter lenses changes the way you look at your corals
  • Filters out blue light from your aquarium, so you can capture your corals' true colors on your photos.
  • Two colors to choose from:
    Sunset Boulevard and Gouda Cheese

Without filter

"Gouda Cheese" lens

"Sunset Boulevard" lens

Sample photos were taken with iPhone 12 mini and have no editing.


Innovative blue led softbox light

Easy controls and HD 3x lens

  • Comes in two sizes, Standard 4½" (11.5cm) and Grande 5½" (13.8cm)
  • 3x magnification with focal range from 3-8" (8-20cm)
  • Using strong neodymium magnets, Pastel Reef Magnifier can be used on glass panels or the following thickness:
    • Standard: ½" (15mm)
    • Grande: ¾" (20mm)