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Google Play User Data Safety Section

Tips for B End users: Please read the following content and make sure that the following content applies to your products/services

Application name: Syna-G Cloud

Developer: Guangzhou Maiguang Electornic Science Technology Co., Ltd.

In order to protect the users' privacy rights better, we provide an "Account Deletion" function in the application. A user can delete his/her own personal information (account) through the following path:

App -> My -> User Management -> Account Deletion

When a user deletes his/her own personal information (account), we will delete the information submitted by the user through the application, as well as device information and log file information, including the following categories in details:

· Register information: Including the email address, the phone number, the username and the login credentials, as well as the nickname, the country code, the language preference or the time zone information in the account.

· User feedback information: Including the email address, the mobile phone number.

· Mobile device information: Including the mobile device information, the mobile device model, the login IP address, the wireless connection information, the operation system type and version, the application version number, the push notification identifier, the log file and the mobile network information, the software version number, the information of mobile apps and other softwares, as well as the apps installation lists.

· Basic information of the smart device: Including the name, the device ID, the online status, the activation time, the firmware version and the upgrade information of the smart device.

· Information collected during the process of connecting the smart device: Based on the type of the smart device the user needs to connect to, whether it is connected through Wi-Fi, connected through Wi-Fi after establishing a local connection through Bluetooth, or connected through Bluetooth, we will collect the MAC address of the smart device.

When a user deletes his/her personal information (account), we will retain the following information to ensure that it can not be associated with the user's identity, and perform the automatic deletion regularly according to the information retention period (and users will be asked to determine their own retention period), which specifically include the following categories:

· If there are pictures or videos actively submitted by the user and problem logs submitted by the user in his/her feedback, we will retain them in order to further analyze the problem and find the best solution. When a user applies to delete his/her personal information (account), we will follow a 30-day retention period for the information (The period needs the user's confirmation);

· Log information: The system and exception logs will be uploaded for analysis, including the IP address, the usage language preference, the operation system version, the access time or access date, so that we can accurately identify the bugs and help the user solve problems during usage. This information will be deleted after 15 days (The period needs the user's confirmation).