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Aiptasia Control

  • Designed specifically to treat Aiptasia species of pest anemones

Tank troubles with Aiptasia spread

  • Aiptasia anemones reproduce rapidly and can quickly dominate a tank, competing for food and space.
  • They pose a threat by stinging other aquarium inhabitants including fish and crustaceans.

Get rid of Aiptasia safely

  • Eliminate aiptasia efficiently
  • 100% Reef safe
  • Does not affect water chemistry

100ml / 3.4 fl. oz

Over 150 treatments

100ml / 3.4 fl. oz

Over 150 treatments

Formulated to stimulate a feed response

Aiptasia Control is specially formulated into a thick paste that can be easily injected near the mouth of the Aiptasia anemones without being carried away by water flow.

The paste does not cause the Aiptasia anemones to retract, but rather it reacts to the paste as if it is food.

Swift and efficient Aiptasia removal

The paste will cover the entire anemone and slowly dissolve it from inside out.

State 1

State 2

State 3

State 4

Reef-safe method for Aiptasia elimination

Aiptasia Control is 100% reef safe and its ingredients will dissolve into the water column as calcium and hydroxide ions which corals use to build their skeletons.