About Maxspect
Maxspect was founded in 2009, by a group of close friends and coral reef aquarium enthusiasts. The coral reef and marine aquarium scene was rather dull and lack of innovation back then, reef hobbyists were using equipments that had been around for years if not decades, they were lighting their aquariums using lighting equipments such as metal halides and T5HO's.

Most of these lighting equipments were energy inefficient, requires frequent replacement due to luminous decay and their performance were not satisfactory. While searching for better lighting equipments but with no avail, an idea stuck our founders. Why don't we build something ourselves, something that's energy efficient, that can provide great performance for its value and being innovative at the same time? That something turned out to be our first generation LED lighting system, and thus Maxspect was founded.

Throughout these years, we are still very passionate about our hobby, we reflect this through the products that we design, manufacture and bring to the hands of our customers. In the future, we will continue to amaze our customers with products of our passion and innovation.