Commercial Gyre Flow Pump

Professional Series

Superior crossflow technology explained

Comparing to traditional power heards and wavemakers, based on propeller nozzle technology, our latest gyre genertator is based on crossflow technology.

Crossflow Technology

  • Virtually no dead spots.
  • Evenly distributed flow rate throughout the entire aquarium.
  • Water bounces back from the other side to create a full circulation, ie.generating "gyre flows".

Propeller Nozzle Technology

  • Dead spots with relatively poor water movement.
  • Very strong flow in the center,making coral placement very difficult.
  • Very weak flow near the other end of the aquarium.

Near-silent operation with sine wave technology

Sine Wave Pattern

Electricity current alternates in a much smoother pendulum while using Sine Wave Technology

Sine Wave Pattern

Sine Wave Technology Decibel Level

Traditional Pattern

Electricity current alternates in a very sharp pattern while using traditional Technology

Traditional Pattern

Traditional Technology Decibel Level

Achieve full circuilation within the aquarium with ease

Water movement mode sample diagram

Constant Speed Mode

Pulsing Mode

Gradual Pulsing Mode

Random Mode

Link up methods



Fully programmable 24 hours gyre flow cycle


Input 100-240V 50/60HZ
Output DC 36v
Power Range 120-450w
Flow Rate 30,000 - 100,000 L/H
8,000 - 26,400 G/H
Velocity 0.5-2.4 m/s
1.6 -7.9 ft/s
Weight 7kg / 15.4 lbs
Cable 10m/20m/30m
Depth 10m/20m/30m
Dimension 580×148×100mm

Acrylic bracket solution

Magnet solution

The illustration shown above are examples for your reference only and it is not limited to these two installation solutions. The required components are not included in the package, if necessary it needs to be ordered separately and custom made according to the specific case.

Dimension: 7x4x1.5m

Crossflow Technology

Only four(4) units of Gyre Pro XFP1400 are needed to circulate this large tank.

Propeller nozzle technology

If this tank were powered by traditional pumps, it would require at least twelve(12) units if not more.

You can now replace your "DUMP BUCKET"systems with gyre pro

Dump Buckets were used for public aquariums to aerate surface water and create a "wave-like" water flow. Howeve, it also is a nightmare to maintain, salt creep will form all around the equipment.

pic13 1

Now you can replace your Dump Bucket system with Gyre Pro XFP1400, which can also aerate surface water and create natural wave like water flow, without the hassle of using Dump Buckets.

pic13 2

Adequate water flow is crucial to growth and healthiness of corals and fishes

Water current brings in oxygen-rich water along with nutrients and planktons to corals and fishes, as well as removing waste and organic matter produced by them.